We finally made it to Friday! There’s no doubt we all have something to look forward to this weekend. Whether it’s a fun event or our standard routine, we can use this break from work for enjoyment and to set ourselves up for a successful week. Here are some ideas:


Did something pop in your mind that you need to complete or bring with you on Monday? Instead of stressing about it all weekend, get organized! Compile a quick to-do list and gather material you will need next week, so you avoid the Monday scramble.

Unplug and Recharge

With smartphones allowing us to be connected to work 24/7, there is a huge possibility of burn out. Turn off your email during the weekend, and instruct your team to only contact you if there is an urgent situation.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

A great way to stay energized is by regularly spending time with the people you care about. Something simple like going to dinner or watching a movie together can be a pick-me-up that will set the tone for a great week.


Giving back to your community is another wonderful way to spend your time during the weekend. It gives you perspective and can inspire you in many ways. Carry over the passion you’ve rediscovered when helping others into the work week, and your initiatives will be taken to the next level!

Relax and Reflect

Make time for you this weekend! Go exercise, take a long walk or visit your favorite spa. Find a way to relax and quietly reflect on the past week and the things you can do personally and professionally to improve the coming week.

Think of this weekend as not just a weekend, but as an opportunity. Have a safe and wonderful weekend, everyone!

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