Every Labor Day, we celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers – meaning it’s the perfect time to show a little appreciation to your loyal employees! Below are some ideas to let your employees know you are grateful for all their hard work:

Summer Treats
Everyone loves good food! Since summer is coming to an end, take this opportunity to bring your employees a summer treat as a thank you. Ice cream, fruit tarts or angel food cake are common summertime favorites.

Lunch is on You
Staying with the food theme, give your employees small gift cards to their favorite lunchtime restaurants. This is a lot easier than trying to buy lunch for all your employees, as everyone has different tastes.

Get in tune with the preferred ways to honor your employees’ dedication and unique traits. Everyone is different; some would like an award or certificate, while others prefer a quiet pat on the back. If you acknowledge this, your employees will see you really do appreciate what they bring to the table.

Say “Thank You”
Giving a heart-felt thank you is perhaps the easiest, cheapest and most effective way you can show appreciation. You can say thank you through a card, during a meeting or even by visiting your employee’s cubicle. It’s simple and memorable.

There are always opportunities to show appreciation to your employees. Even though everyone is trying to save a buck in this economy, it is still important to take the time and resources to give adequate thanks to workers. They will love you for it!