To many, writing a cover letter can be just as difficult as writing a resume! The pressure is on, as a great cover letter can make you stand out as a top candidate, and a “just okay” cover letter is easily overshadowed. Here are some tips to help you write a memorable cover letter to put you in contention for an interview:

Don’t Just Repeat Your Resume

Despite what many believe, your resume and cover letter are two very different documents, so you should never think of your cover letter as your resume in paragraph form. Your resume is supposed to highlight your professional accomplishments, and your cover letter should express your personality, expertise in your industry and interest in the opportunity.

Keep it to the Point 

Hiring managers read through dozens and dozens of applications, so make it easy on them by keeping your cover letter short and to the point. Trust us, less is more impactful, and your hiring manager will appreciate your brevity!

Sell Yourself 

The job search is not the time to be humble and downplay your skills! For many, it may seem like uncomfortable boasting, but in reality, your confidence will make you stand out. So inject your cover letter with a healthy dose of confidence in your qualifications for the position.

Ask a Friend to Review

Lastly, after you drafted your masterpiece cover letter, you need to have a second set of eyes read through it. If you’ve been staring at this document for a long time, chances are you will be less likely to spot a grammar error. To many hiring managers, simple errors chip away at a candidate’s credibility and professionalism, so recruit a trusted friend to help you review.

Cover letters do not have to be daunting! If you think about it, following these tips and using your cover letter to position yourself as a top candidate is not a difficult as you would think.

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