video interviewTools like Skype and Google Hangout make job filling and hunting simpler for busy hiring managers, long-distance job seekers and anybody else with a special circumstance. As a job seeker, you might be thinking that a video interview is easier than an in-person discussion, but in reality, there are just as many things you need to do that differ from in-person interview prep. We broke advice down among pre-interview preparation, things to remember during the interview and what to do afterward to help you have a successful video interview:


Like any interview, you must do your thorough research on the company and opportunity. However, there are other things you need to prepare for beforehand, such as:

  • Camera Position: Make sure the camera captures you from the shoulders up. It’s also been suggested that you have the camera level to your face – not looking up or down at you.
  • Background: Do your best to find an area with a plain wall behind you. You don’t want your collectibles or anything else to distract the hiring manager!
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is always best, but make do with what you have available to make sure your face is well lit.
  • Technology Test: Do a test run on with our computer to make sure everything is working properly. Tech errors are a fact of life, but they can still be embarrassing.
  • Wear Solid Colors: Patterns don’t always look good on camera.
  • Dress Up Completely: You might be thinking you could pull off a suit jacket with sweat pants, because the camera will only capture your face. Think of this – what if you need to get up to grab something during your interview?
  • Keep Notes Handy: It’s more than ok to print out the job description with your notes and have it next to your computer during the interview! 

During the Interview

You might not need to worry about your handshake during a video interview, but here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Eye contact: Look directly at the camera, not your screen.
  • Facial Expressions: Some nonverbal communication might be lost in translation, so make sure you’re smiling and showing enthusiasm through your facial expressions.
  • Speech: Speak slower and clearer than usual, as microphones might not pick everything up.
  • Posture: Even though you’re not in-person, your interviewer will be able to see that you’re slouching!


As with any and every interview, immediately send your interviewer a ‘thank you’ note or email! In fact, start writing a moment you sign off. The quicker you contact the hiring manager, the fresher you are in the person’s head and the more interested you appear.

Video interviews can seem complicated and tricky, but they have become an awesome tool for job seekers and hiring managers alike!

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