Have you ever had a day when you felt like you were doomed from the start? Where you were in the middle of a tough project, or the beginning of a new one, and your schedule felt overwhelmingly complicated? The key to your sanity is simplicity. Follow these tips to simplify your day!

Plan it out the night before.

Many people will advise you to plan out your day first thing in the morning, but you can do one better and plan it out the night before. Mapping out your day when the status of your tasks is fresh in your mind will allow you to know exactly where you need to pick up tomorrow. You won’t waste precious time in the morning planning a to-do list and can start your day focused solely on the task at hand.

Set realistic expectations.

Don’t doom yourself by setting unattainable goals that will only overwhelm you. Allow ample time in your schedule to complete the tasks. Make sure you have adequate resources and all of the necessary information. Loading your schedule with complicated tasks and unattainable deadlines will only stress you out.

Delegate appropriate projects.

If you are a repeat offender of loading your plate with too many projects, simplify your schedule by making sure you are the most appropriate person to be completing them. It’s even okay to ask for help on specific aspects of the same project. Have you gathered all of the data and information for a report but don’t know how to format it nicely and brand it accurately? Ask for help from your marketing department instead of wasting time trying to teach yourself how to use tools that other resources in the organization can already help you with.

Adjust your mindset.

The best way to simplify your day is to approach it with the right mindset. Sometimes just going into your day flustered can overcomplicate the tasks you have to do. No matter how overwhelming a day may seem, if you break it up into manageable pieces and approach it with the mentality that you are going do the best you can and knock your projects out of the park, you will manage your tasks with more confidence.

You may have a mountain of work ahead of you, but follow these tips to ensure you are setting yourself up for success!