job search adviceAre you sending application after application and never hearing back? Are you interviewing but have only received bad news emails afterward? If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a job search rut, there might be a reason other than bad luck. You could be sabotaging your job search without even knowing it! Here are six things you might be doing that you should stop immediately:
Sending a Generic Resume and Cover Letter 
You should never send a generic resume or cover letter! Why? First and foremost, their probability of making it past the ATS is slim to none. To get past the applicant tracking system (ATS), you need to carefully scan the job description to pick out the key words and then implement them throughout. Secondly, generic resumes and cover letters fail to convey your genuine interest in the opportunity. Hiring managers will read them, instantly know it’s the same exact document you sent to dozens of other companies and then set your application into the recycling bin. 
Failing to Check for Errors 
You would be amazed at how many job seekers send in an application to one company and it’s still addressed to another! It’s a silly mistake that instantly results in your application landing in the recycle pile. Spelling and grammar errors are also too common and easily avoided. Always double check your application for such errors, and consider having a trusted friend be your second set of eyes. 
Not Acting Professional 
Professionalism all around is incredibly important in the job search! Employers have been known to Google their candidates to scope out how they present themselves on social media. Those inappropriate pictures and controversial posts can definitely come back to haunt you! Furthermore, you should look and act the part in interviews – that means a tidy appearance, appropriate attire, avoiding swear words, steering clear of inappropriate conversations and not bashing former employers.
Avoiding Networking Opportunities 
Networking can be awkward – it’s made us all uncomfortable at one time! But the fact remains that it’s the best way to find a job. Bite the bullet, join a professional organization, reach out to connections on LinkedIn and attend networking events. You get out what you put into networking! 
Not Preparing for Interviews 
If you think you can skate by the interview without preparing, you are in for a surprise. If you are not prepared for an interview, your hiring manager WILL notice and think you’re not interested in the job. Always check out the company’s website and social media presence, have questions prepared for the interviewer and have clear ideas of what you want to say when responding to questions. 
Failing to Say “Thank You” 
Not sending a thank you note or email after an interview is a huge misstep. The interviewer took time out of his/her busy work day to determine if you were the right fit for his/her team. Furthermore, it’s another opportunity to reiterate HOW you’re the right fit and why you should get hired. 
Every job seeker hits a rut in their search at some point. Sometimes it’s an instance of simple bad luck, but if you have been doing any of these six things, stop and see your luck turn around!
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