As the weather warms back up, we begin our yearly ritual of Spring Cleaning. For many, this is when getting organized at work becomes a big priority. If you’ve started digging through all the paperwork that piled up during the winter months, check out these tips to help you through Spring Cleaning:

Go Through Archived Documents

Whether you store documents in hard copy or electrically, take time to go through them and get rid of anything outdated or not needed anymore. Freeing up space in file cabinets and your computer’s storage will feel great!

Update Your Goals

Have you taken a look at your professional goals lately? If not, now is the time to revisit them! Consider your company’s initiatives as a whole and the part you can play in reaching them. If your goals still fit that picture, keep them. If not, rethink them.

Reorganize Your Email

If you’re like many professionals, the folders and subfolders in your email can get a little out of control every now and then. Use Spring Cleaning as an opportunity to go through everything and delete folders you don’t need any more and create new ones to better fit your initiatives.

Go Through Your Desk

Last, but not least, go through your desk! Recycle old papers, receipts, broken office supplies and things you don’t use. At the end, give is a good wipe down with some disinfectant wipes.

Spring Cleaning is a great opportunity to spruce up your office life! If you have an additional tip, please leave us a comment below.