It’s Monday…again. Regardless if the weekend felt too short, you still need to face the inevitable beginning of the week. You might as well make the best of it! Set the foundation for a successful week today by following these tips:case of the Mondays
Wake Up a Little Earlier 
Start the week without feeling rushed by waking up a little earlier. It may seem hard, but avoiding the snooze button is better for your energy level throughout the day. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, squeeze in an exercise. The morning blood flow will give you even more energy through the day.
Get to Work Early 
Arriving early to work on a Monday morning is tough to get excited about, but trust us; that quiet time while checking emails and writing your to-do list is invaluable. Arriving early on a Monday also sets a good pace for the rest of your week. 
Get Organized
If your desk is a little disorganized from last week, clean it up! Is your inbox cluttered? Sort through it! Move aside anything unimportant to make room for your top priorities for the week.
Jump on the Toughest Project First
As you buckle down for the work week, start with your toughest project. These types of projects are too easy to push off, and it will feel great getting it out of the way.
Mondays can be tough, but if you remember this advice and start on the right foot, the rest of your week will be successful.
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