You just know a great story when you hear one, right? Whether it’s a story of true love or an action-packed adventure, great storytellers know how to get their listeners hooked on every last word. The secret isn’t in the specifics of each bullet point of the tale being told, but rather the feeling it leaves the audience with. In other words, great storytellers think of this question above all, “How can I make this story resonate emotionally with my listener?”

Now, think about the last job interview you went on. With each prompt, wasn’t the interviewer just asking you to tell stories? “Tell me about yourself.” “What was your previous position like?” “What is your five-year plan?” What may seem like everyday interview questions are actually opportunities to crack open your personal story and capture the attention of an invested audience – your potential new employer.

Unfortunately, if you’re just repeating your resume bullet points verbatim, you’re probably telling a pretty boring story. Don’t worry! Hamid, Medix’s Director of IT Recruitment Field Operations, recently joined the Medix Impact Podcast to share his tips for turning your resume into the story of your career on interview day. Tune into our podcast to learn how to use storytelling in your next job interview!