Who better to get career advice from than the people are exposed to the in’s and out’s of hiring and firing every day- professional recruiters! We’ve interviewed our most seasoned recruiters to give you their best tips on landing your perfect job. Here’s what they had to say:

“Apply for positions that you are personally qualified for.”

 There is a difference between applying for a job that is slightly above your current qualifications to try and advance your career, and applying for a job that you have no qualifications for whatsoever. Recruiters are constantly flooded with resumes, most of which aren’t even close to matching up to the qualifications of the job. Help make a recruiter or hiring manager’s life easier by applying to jobs you are qualified for; remember, the more efficient a recruiter is, the more candidates he or she can place!

“Diversify yourself from the pack.”

Nowadays, it’s imperative for candidates to stand out and leave a memorable impression on the recruiters and potential employers they meet. Utilize social media, create a different approach to the resume and cover letter, anything that helps you stand out from the crowd. Another thing that can help you differentiate yourself is to quantify your accomplishments. As recruiters, we are constantly trying to pull and probe information from our candidate’s experience. Many people will give incomplete or generic answers. Be sure to tell your prospective employer what you’ve accomplished, how you’ve accomplished it and what you can do for them. Doing so will definitely help you to shine amongst other candidates.

“Keep it honest.”

Never lie or exaggerate on your cover letter, resume or interview answers. Recruiters and hiring managers will find out, and they will be much less forgiving having to dig this information up themselves than if you had just been honest in the first place. Also, the more honest and open you are about your skills and experience, the easier it is to find you a job that is a perfect match.

“Power Down and turn off your cells.”

In this day in age, smart phones run the world and are a necessity in many situations. There is one place where they don’t belong though, in your in-person interview. Be sure to turn off your phones prior to an interview to avoid any interruptions that could cost you a job.

“Never be lax.”

Don’t let yourself fall trap to what we call the “casual” interview. This is an interview that doesn’t seem like an interview, but a relaxing conversation (a trap your interviewer may be intentionally creating to see how professional you may remain). Don’t let your guard down and get TOO comfortable.  Always keep the utmost professionalism in an interview, no matter what.

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

Never rely on just one outlet for your job search, as that one source doesn’t have access to all opportunities that exist. As recruiters, our absolute goal is to find you a job, but there might be times when we aren’t able to do so. Networking and constant digging is key to landing your dream job, and remember, the more people you connect with, the more opportunities you will come across.

“Do your homework.”

Do your prep work before an interview, and make sure that you have fully informed yourself on all necessary information regarding the organization and the position for which you are applying. Companies need to know that you are truly engaged and understand their business. Also, a smart candidate leverages this information to help them get ahead by being able to say, “This is what I can do for you and your organization.”

“Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years.”

A lot of candidates can talk their hearts out about what they’ve accomplished in the past, but ask about future goals and aspirations, and you have a deer in headlights sitting in front of you. Sometimes we find that people are reluctant to say too much about their future dreams because they are fearful it could make them lose out on an opportunity. Disclosing your future aspirations helps to build a foundation for recruiters and assist in finding you an opportunity that matches up.

“Always say thanks”: Follow up every interview with a courtesy thank-you note. This small gesture can go a long way in the eyes of a recruiter and helps you to stick out amongst others. Don’t underestimate the power of thanks!

Listen to the professionals and use these tips to your advantage to get ahead in the job search game!