Thanksgiving is a special celebration. Not only is it the only national holiday that focuses heavily on gravy, but it’s also the one time of year when we’re all encouraged to do just one simple thing: give thanks! This Thanksgiving, we asked members of the Medix family about how they plan on sharing gratitude for the loved ones in their lives, and – most importantly – which dish reigns supreme on the dinner table.

What are you thankful for this year?

“I am thankful for my family near and far, my health and my team at Medix! I’m also thankful for dogs who have Instagram accounts.” – Amy, Office Coordinator

“Personally, I am thankful for my loving husband who seems to overcome any obstacle and would do anything for his family, as well as my beautiful daughter who is so silly and can make me laugh no matter what kind of day I am having. I also am blessed with a very large family who I can lean on in good times and bad.  Professionally, I have seen others struggle to find the right jobs, or any job for that matter, and therefore I feel even more thankful being able to say that I am going on six and a half years with Medix!  I could not be more grateful to those who gave me a chance, as well as those who helped guide me in each part of my career here. I have also made such amazing friends over the years here and they really have become family.” – Lindsay, Senior Specialist, Talent Innovation

“I am thankful for my family, my kids and especially my wife who holds it all together.  I am also thankful for all the giving and supportive people at Medix.” – Joe, Workplace Services Manager

“This year, I am thankful for all the new coworkers and relationships I’ve built with my Medix family. Not to mention, it isn’t often that you can host a friendsgiving potluck in the office with your coworkers!”– Kelli, Marketing Coordinator

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

“My favorite dish is, for sure, green bean casserole. I went my whole adolescent life not trying it because I was sure I was going to hate it, then in college my world shifted when I finally had a bite. Close second is mashed potatoes.”  – Amy, Office Coordinator

“My favorite thanksgiving dish was stuffing once upon a time, but over the years my taste buds have changed. At this moment in time, my favorite part of thanksgiving dinner is a tie between cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole. I’m slightly biased towards cheesy potatoes because I’ve mastered my grandma’s recipe, but green bean casserole is up there because it’s absolutely delicious.” – Kelli, Marketing Coordinator

“Ah! There are so many favorites when you are a total foodie! I love ham. We buy a honey baked ham every year and it is amazing! I also love stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and most importantly pie! All the pie!”  – Lindsay, Senior Specialist, Talent Innovation

“I am looking forward to turkey and canned cranberry; love slicing it up.” – Joe, Workplace Services Manager

How do you plan on showing your teammates/family/friends that you’re thankful for them this year?

“I try to show my teammates here at Medix and my family every day I am thankful for them – but in case that doesn’t come across I will let them all know when I bring dessert for our Thanksgiving pot luck next week- I’m hoping it’s pretty tasty!” – Amy, Office Coordinator

“Some I may randomly buy a coffee for, or call/text them to let them know I am thinking about them. Maybe plan a get together and buy them a lunch or dinner. Most importantly, I plan to just verbally tell those people how thankful I am for them. I think more than anything, that goes a long way to remind someone just how much you appreciate them and what they mean to you.” – Lindsay, Senior Specialist, Talent Innovation

“I plan to live by my favorite quote from my favorite holiday movie, of course: ‘The best way to show Thanksgiving (and Christmas) Cheer, is to singing loud for all to hear.’ I hope everyone likes my singing voice.” – Kelli, Marketing Coordinator

Finally, we end on one final suggestion from Workplace Services Manager in Chicago, Joe: “This Thanksgiving let your friends and family know just how important they are in your life.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Happy Thanksgiving, readers!