For the majority of employees, it is their goal to excel in their position, and advance to that next level of the corporate ladder.  We are constantly searching for ways to impress our managers, to perfect our projects, and to attain the big “P”– Promotion.  So in this quest, how big of a role do the clothes you wear play?  You’ve likely heard the saying “Dress for the job you want,” implying that if you want to BE a high level professional, you should make sure to DRESS like one.  What role do you think appearances play in promotion decisions?  The CareerBuilder Hiring Site article below examines this very point!

Do Clothes Make the Manager? Employers Weigh In

Kids today and their piercings, am I right!? That seems to be the attitude of nearly 37 percent of employers, who admitted in a recent survey they’d be less likely to extend a promotion to an employee with body piercings.

CareerBuilder recently surveyed nearly 2,878 employers to find out if personal appearance and hygiene affect promotion decisions, and if so, which personal attributes would make an employee less appealing for a promotion. Bad breath, disheveled clothing, piercings and tattoos ranked highest among factors.
The top personal attributes employers say would make them less likely to extend a promotion include:

  • Piercings – 37 percent
  • Bad breath – 34 percent
  • Visible tattoo – 31 percent
  • Often has wrinkled clothes – 31 percent
  • Messy hair – 29 percent
  • Dresses too casually – 28 percent
  • Too much perfume or cologne – 26 percent
  • Too much makeup – 22 percent
  • Messy office or cubicle – 19 percent
  • Chewed fingernails – 10 percent
  • Too suntanned – 4 percent

What this survey tells me is – all other things (e.g. leadership skills, job performance) being equal – appearance could be the deciding factor in whether or not you promote someone over another.
Would you agree? If not, what do you make of these results? How important is professional appearance in your workplace, and does it seem to affect who gets promoted and who doesn’t? Does that seem fair?;_medium=email&utm;_campaign=Feed%3A+thehiringsiteposts+%28The+Hiring+Site+%7C+CareerBuilder%27s+Employer+Blog%29