LinkedIn Networking TipsLet’s face it, having a LinkedIn profile is as essential to the job search as a well-crafted resume and cover letter. In the age of selfie sticks and Instagram filters, it only makes sense that your professional-self would need a social presence every bit as unique as your other online channels. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is unfairly categorized as a bit boring (possibly due to a lack of cat videos) and many profiles often go neglected by their owners.
Here are a few tips to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is dynamic and presenting your professional, social-self to potential employers:
Maintain Your Profile Page
First and foremost, it is essential to keep your profile up-to-date with all of the most relevant information needed to advance your career goals. Making sure that these key sections, such as your summary, profile photo and work experience, are robust and current will paint an accurate picture of your experiences for employers.
Spice It Up
Once the meat of your profile is updated, you can begin to add more interest to your page by making the most of a few little-known features. One example of these easy touch-ups would be to include a variety of media types to your key sections. From the summary to the education sections, LinkedIn allows you to integrate videos, images, documents, links and presentations to your profile. This will allow newcomers to not only read about your accomplishments, but interact with them firsthand.
Also, if you’ve ever looked at the end of a LinkedIn profile URL in your browser search bar, it can sometimes read like an alien language, “fds42348324fnkadsfnk239.” Thankfully, by going to your settings section, you can update your public profile URL to one that’s unique to you (and in a human language!)
Share Your Style
Once you’re set with a top notch profile, it’s time to let your voice shine through! Using LinkedIn’s share function can help you nurture strong links to your network. Keep active by sharing personal works, relevant articles and any other professionally-minded content that connections in your network might find interesting.
Get Active and Expand!
Once you find your sharing groove, seek out a few groups to join. These smaller communities within LinkedIn will help you tap into the resources provided by others in your field or who have shared interests. Expanding your network could lead you to new and exciting places!
Before you snap that next selfie or lazily browse through click-bait, take some time to show your LinkedIn page some love. With a little effort, your profile can be a powerful, social partner.
Do you have any LinkedIn tips to share? Comment below!