Teamwork doesn’t just appear one day out of nowhere; it needs to be created. When putting a new team together or adding to an existing one, you might be considering who might work better with whom and who has what skillsets to bolster the team’s output, but what do you do after the team is assembled? As a leader, there are things you can do to foster teamwork among a group of employees. Follow these tips: 

Set Goals

To get a team working together, you need to offer them something to work toward. Give your team a set of clear goals and expectations, big or small, to help energize and bring them together. These goals can be anything from completion timelines to measurable outcomes from the project your team is working on – something that will help build focus and become your team’s driving force.

Encourage Communication

Communication helps teammates learn each other’s strengths and become more accountable for their contributions. Set an expectation for constant communication among your teammates, whether it’s through meetings or an instant messaging system. The more they talk and build a sense of openness, the quicker they learn how to work together and build a bond.

Build Trust

Trust is an important factor for any group. If your team doesn’t trust each other’s work, the outcome will be dismal. Team building activities may seem cliché, but they can truly help your team learn how each member makes decisions, contributes and communicates – all of which are important factors when building trust.

Recognize Team Players

Create incentives for good teamwork, and provide a way for your team to recognize key players. Not only will this help you see who is contributing and bolstering your team, it will help build camaraderie among the team.

Teamwork is a key ingredient for any successful project, and if you follow these tips, you can help facilitate teamwork among your group of employees.