Whether it’s losing some weight, practicing a healthier lifestyle or de-stressing, millions start the New Year with some sort of self-improvement goal in mind. A portion of these people make job performance-related goals; if you are one of them, these tips are for you:

Quit Multi-Tasking

Despite popular belief, multi-tasking does not improve your efficiency; it hinders it and takes away the value you could have added to projects had you just focused on them one at a time. Prioritize your to-do list in order of most important to least, and tackle them one at a time, not all at once.

Put an End to Procrastination 

The biggest lie many people tell themselves to justify procrastination is, “I work better under pressure.” People truly produce better when they have genuine focus and time to refine their work, so ditch the excuses and quit putting things off! 

Practice Punctuality 

If you’re somebody who is constantly late, you have probably seen your tardiness affect your work in one way or another. In 2014, make a point to show up to work, meetings and other commitments on time to eliminate the extra stress and problems from running behind.

Build Bonds with Teammates

Another way to improve your job performance is to build your relationships with coworkers. As you get to know them more, you will learn about how they work and what you can do to add even more to team initiatives. Plus, the team bond will be extra inspiration to give your all.

Make Room for Downtime 

Improve your performance outside of the office by allowing yourself downtime to relax and recharge. If you’re feeling stressed, spread too thin and burnt out, chances are you’re not at your peak performance at work, so this year, allot time for yourself.

Improving your job performance can set you up for a successful 2014 and beyond! Follow our tips, and take your career to the next level this year.

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