Like us, you are probably one of many who is sick of the winter and shouted “TGIF” on the top of your lungs this morning. These cold, gray days are taking their toll on everyone, including your team. Follow these tips to get yourself and your team energized on these seemingly endless winter days:

Dress Down Days

Lately, the polar vortex has resulted in dangerously cold temperatures for much of the country and colder than average temperatures for the rest. Work clothes are not always the warmest and most comfortable, so on days when boiling water instantly turns to snow, consider letting your team dress down. Being warmer and more comfortable will result in a happier team.

Get Lunch Delivered

With the snow and cold wind, nobody really wants to go outside, so have lunch delivered to your office! Regardless if it’s something simple, like sub sandwiches, or extravagant, like a catered meal, your team will appreciate the gesture and enjoy having lunch together.

Early Spring Cleaning

With flu season upon us, staying clean is even more important than usual. In fact, a recent report states that an average desk has 400 times more germs on it than a toilet seat. Encourage your team to keep their workspaces clean and organized, so they stay healthy and happy!

Encourage Philanthropy

One of the best pick-me-ups is giving back to your community and helping others! Find philanthropic opportunities for your team and encourage them to get group together to participate in others, as well. A little perspective will help put the spring back in everyone’s step, despite the nasty wind chill.

The winter months can be difficult, but as a leader, you have an opportunity to positively impacting your team by keeping their spirits up!

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