In our fast-paced society with things like technology constantly evolving, you would think that we’re desensitized to change. However, company, office, leadership and strategy changes can all throw a team off. Maybe you’re moving to a new office or adopting a new customer service strategy. Either way, it’s your opportunity, as a leader, to usher your team through such changes as seamlessly as possible. Check out these tips to help guide you as you guide your team:

Communication, Communication, Communication

First and foremost, when change is happening, you must communicate with your team! Failing to be transparent will result in your team feeling uncomfortable and even scared of what’s down the pike. Be sure to tell them what’s happening, when and why to help diminish any feelings of discomfort. 

Be Approachable

Let your teammates come to you with questions or concerns. Address them thoughtfully, and leave the door open for follow up. You will build trust and respect among your team if they know they can come to you during times like this.

Check In

Make a point to periodically check in with your team. See if they need anything or have something on their mind that they haven’t come to you with yet. This will convey to them how you genuinely care and want to be supportive as they’re transitioning. 

Small-scale and even large-scale changes in business are inevitable. When they happen, remember this advice and see them as an opportunity to demonstrate strong leadership.

Have you recently led your team through change? Share your experience below!