LinkedIn is not only a powerhouse in the social media world, but its role in the job search keeps growing and evolving into a key component in a job seeker’s success. But you can’t just create a profile and expect potential employers to flood your inbox with job offers. Like any aspect of the job search, LinkedIn requires a networking strategy. After you fill out your profile, there are many things you can do to grow your network and get yourself seen by the right people. Follow our networking tips:

Join Relevant Groups

Joining relevant groups and becoming an active member will help get yourself in front of new connections. Use LinkedIn’s search feature to find alumni groups from your schools and professional groups for your industry and/or region. Becoming a member of dozens of groups won’t do you a lot of good if you’re an inactive member, so join conversations, start your own and make an effort to interact with other members.

Personalize Greetings

Grow your network by properly connecting with other professionals. Your initial greeting is an opportunity that too many people miss because of LinkedIn’s generic, canned example message. Ditch the canned greeting and write your own. It’s more personal and will be better received if you have not met the other person yet.

Get Introduced

LinkedIn offers a great introduction feature that allows you a more personal way to reach new connections. If there is a person you would like to add to your network and you have a mutual connection, you can have that connection introduce you. This adds a personal touch and makes you become more memorable to your new connection.

Share Updates

Another thing that sets LinkedIn apart from a stagnant online resume is the ability to share updates. Interact with your connections by commenting on their updates, and create conservation by sharing your own industry-relevant articles and information.

There are many opportunities on LinkedIn for building and expanding your professional network, and as a job seeker, LinkedIn is an important channel to tap into. Use a little strategy and follow our tips to help polish your LinkedIn networking efforts.