Boss’s Day is tomorrow, and if you’re in the last minute scramble to find your supervisor the perfect token of appreciation, you’ve come to the right place! Here are ideas to help you treat your boss tomorrow:

Something Delicious

Let’s face it – everyone loves a tasty treat! Bring your boss’s favorite snack or baked good to the office tomorrow. If you want to go the healthier route, fruit is always a safe bet!

Lunch on You

Staying on the subject of food, taking your boss to lunch is a great way to show appreciation on Boss’s Day. If your boss oversees a group of employees, coordinate a team lunch.

Something for the Office

This might seem cliché, but buying your boss something for the office is a good option. Is your boss a big sports fan? Consider decorative memorabilia from his/her favorite team. Does your boss have a good sense of humor? Find something quirky that can be put on his/her desk. If your boss is more of the practical type, good quality office supplies could be right up his/her ally!

A Heart-Felt “Thank You”

On a budget? Don’t worry, the cheapest option for Boss’s Day can be the most meaningful – saying “thank you.” Whether it’s written in a card/email or simply spoken, sometimes saying a sincere “thanks” is all you need to do to let your boss know he/she is appreciated.

Our bosses come to work every day to help mold us into professionals, so they are deserving of recognition. This Boss’s Day, be sure to follow our tips, treat your boss and show him/her your gratitude.