For months now, you’ve just been focusing on how good you look in a business suit; then spring and summer start to round the corner, and all of the sudden you have to worry about a swimsuit, too?  Between eating out for lunch every other day, hours on end of sitting in one spot and the landmines of treat trays left over from your receptionist’s daughter’s birthday party over the weekend, it hardly seems like a fair battle. Offices are no friend to your beach body, that’s for sure! At Medix, we’ve adopted a Medix Fit initiative where we offer gym memberships and flex time to allow our employees the chance to get in a workout in an effort to promote wellness and healthy living. Here are some more tips on staying fit in the office!

Avoid the snack attack.

Tins of popcorn from the client down the street, cupcakes for each birthday and bagels in the morning “just because”; while all of these are nice gestures, office snacks can wreak havoc on your diet. Try bringing in your own healthy munchies and making sure you don’t skip your breakfast. Curbing your appetite with healthy treats will help with the will power to say no when you see that Panera box looming in the break room.

Brown-bag it.

It seems just about every day, an excuse pops up to go out to eat for lunch. You have a lunch meeting with a client. A group of your friends are going. Your cube neighbor is having a rough morning and wants to get out of the office. The truth is, eating out typically presents far less healthy options and makes it difficult to keep your fitness and wellness plan on course. By bringing your own healthy lunches in, you will save on some calories, not to mention save some money.

Move around!

Although it may feel like it sometimes, you are NOT shackled to your desk.  Instead of emailing your colleagues who are ten strides away, walk over to their offices to talk to them. Break up your morning by walking to the kitchen to get coffee or water. Take advantage of your lunch hour by taking a quick walk outside. It is important to get up and move around a bit throughout the day so you are not sitting in the same spot/position for eight or more hours on end.

Integrate fitness into your schedule.

If you want to make fitness a priority, you have to reserve a spot for it in your busy schedule, or it won’t happen. Do you know that after a long day of work, it is highly unlikely you’ll be motivated enough to go to the gym?  Then become a morning person and get your workout out of the way before work! (Bonus: the endorphins will be a nice boost to energize you for your workday). Know you need others to hold you accountable? Talk to some coworkers about joining a gym together to have strength in numbers. Knowing your schedule and personality and setting yourself up for success in your fitness program is key.

We know staying fit in the workplace can be a daunting task, but if you set fitness goals and follow our tips, you will be on course for a healthy and fit lifestyle, despite office pot lucks and happy hours!