For veterans, the experiences of their service last well beyond the training, missions and yearly recognition on Veterans Days there after. After all, once their time in the United States military comes to a close, they are called to serve in different ways – by their family, friends and communities. Upon returning to civilian life, there are different sorts of challenges to overcome. One element of this change that can often go overlooked is an essential one – veterans transitioning into the workforce.

When finding a career path, most of us strive to find a job that makes the best use of our skills and talents, while leading to a sense of deeper fulfillment. However, recent surveys indicate that over 60 percent of veterans feel hiring managers and recruiters do not understand their skills and experience. This can prove to be a difficult obstacle for veterans to overcome. How can you make a smooth transition into a new role when those doing the hiring don’t really understand the type of impact you can make?

For a firsthand perspective on veterans transitioning into the workforce, we invited Medix Account Executive and U.S. Army Veteran, Mike, to join the Impact Podcast for an interview. He shares his story of service, transitioning into an office work environment and finding the connections between his time in the Army and his current career in sales.

Tune into episode 15 of the Impact Podcast below to hear Mike’s story! If you’re interested in learning more about Medix’s veterans, you can also read our recent employee spotlight interviews here.