When you think of the holiday season, you likely envision more tinsel and trees than resumes and interviews.  With all of the buzz surrounding the holiday season, many people overlook it as a time to devote to finding a new job.  As such, there is often reduced competition for positions this time of year, so here are some tips on making the most of this holiday season to further your job search efforts!


Holidays mean numerous opportunities for get-togethers, whether it is with distant relatives you see once a year, or new faces at a friend’s ugly sweater party.  Amidst all of the eggnog and good cheer, try to make the most out of these occasions to network.  Let people know you are on the job hunt.  They will know to keep you in mind should contacts of their own have vacant positions.


This time of year also has many options for volunteering your time and benefiting good causes.  Not only will it feel wonderful to give back, it also provides you an opportunity to bolster areas on your resume with volunteer experience.  Also, exposure to new groups of people means additional networking opportunities as well.

Seasonal Help

Some industries increase their headcount with seasonal help for the holidays, so this could be a good opportunity to secure your finances while you continue to hunt for a full-time job.  And again, you will be networking and building potential references along the way!

Holiday Greetings

No other time of the year is it more appropriate to reach out to someone just to “spread holiday cheer.”  Take advantage of this to send holiday cards or greetings to people you’ve perhaps interviewed with in the past, people in your network, people who have mentored you, etc.  Reaching out to them will not only put you in the forefront of their mind, it also might even lift their spirits.  Who doesn’t love to receive holiday greetings?

So put those Christmas cookies down and pause Home Alone.  It’s time to get job hunting!