Food and toy drive here at Medix

When the weather gets colder, it seems moods and personalities get a little bit warmer.  There is something about the holiday season that injects us with a little bit of kindness, and a healthy dose of compassion.  In the workplace, it can be very easy to inadvertantly reject these toasty feel-good notions; a stern focus on the bottom line and an unyielding craving for competition can sometimes overshadow the warm and fuzzies.

So what are ways that you can make sure to bring an emphasis on kindness and compassion to your office this holiday season?

Help with tasks not assigned to you. 
We know you likely have a full plate of your own, but looking for ways to give your coworkers a leg up will not only make you feel good inside, it will build team camaraderie.  You never know when you might need a helping hand in the future, so especially during this holiday season, develop an “all hands on deck” mentality and help lighten the load for your peers!

Don’t underestimate the power of Thank You!
Now is the time to be especially generous with your thank you’s.  There is likely a number of people who helped you have a successful year, so make sure to acknowledge them.  Send sincere cards or notes to clients; shoot off a little email to bosses and coworkers who you work with day in and day out.

Do your part to improve morale.
Don’t be a downer!  Do your part to elevate the morale around your office, from staying positive and cheering up those who are having a rough day, to perhaps even bringing in treats for the team.  We know you didn’t want all of those holiday cookies sitting at home tempting you all season anyways!

Develop your subordinates.
If you have anyone working underneath you, check in with them to see if there is anything YOU can do to help them grow in their role.  This time of year, people are often times thinking of the next year and their professional goals, so what better time than now to start adding tools to their belt for success!

Friendliness is a virtue.
A smile on your face and a simple “How are you doing today?” can go a long way.  Ask questions about your coworker’s families, how was their weekend, etc.  Showing that you care about your team members can build trust and enhance teamwork in the long run.

Adopt a charity at work.
Whether its a chilly dip for a Polar Plunge or a toy or canned food drive, there are a plethora of charities and ways to give back during the season.  If an entire division, branch, or company rallies together for one common cause, a big impact can be made!