April Fool’s Day is right around the corner and you know what that means!

It’s time for prank wars in the office! It’s easy to get wrapped up in pranking coworkers in the funniest possible ways, but sometimes we can take things a tad too far. Without even noticing, office pranks can hurt someone’s feelings or even become health risks if we’re not too careful! Here are some lighthearted pranks that are funny, but will not get you in any real trouble:

1. Is there anything more annoying than little furry critters crawling anywhere near your desk? Give your coworker a friendly scare by putting plastic spiders in random places throughout their desk area. This prank will have shivers running down their spine!

2. This one is a classic. Find a funny picture of your co-worker and make as many copies of that picture as you can. Tape them all over their desk to give them a great laugh (or cry)! Just be sure to not dig up an image traumatic enough that might just jerk some tears. Instead, make sure the pictures are funny, while still being considerate of others’ feelings. You could even go a different route entirely and put pictures of cats everywhere!

3. This one’s for the donut lovers out there! Buy a couple boxes of donuts and bring them to the office. Only, instead of filling the box with Long Johns, jelly-filled and vanilla sprinkled treats, replace them with veggies! Your coworkers will open the box to a not-so-pleasant surprise.

4. Here’s a personal favorite. Buy a giant bag of candy and fill all of your coworker’s drawers with sweets. This prank will surprise them, but also give them some sweet treats for a long time!

5. Who doesn’t love balloons? Well, you might not after this prank. Blow up a bag of balloons and tape them all over your coworker’s desk area. This will send them into an annoying fit of popping 27 balloons for an hour, but at least it’ll be colorful and fun!

6. Try putting some coffee in the fridge to make it really cold overnight and, in the morning when your comrade goes to grab a cup, do them a favor and pour it for them. Only, use the super cold coffee and watch how they react to the cruel, cold taste of a frozen cup of joe. I would personally be devastated by this because I love my hot coffee in the morning!

7. Here’s how to get you co-worker to feel some FOMO. Plan a day where everyone wears the same color shirt, but “forget” to mention it to the coworker you’re pranking. Then, when your coworker comes in and realizes they didn’t get the memo, they’ll get a good laugh!

8. Plastic wrap is just way too sticky and annoying to be used in the kitchen. Wrapping a coworker’s office chair, computer and desk items on the other hand? I think this is what plastic wrap was made for. Your coworker will be not so pleasantly surprised to find their stuff wrapped, but it’ll trigger a great laugh!

*BONUS: If plastic wrap is too much of a pain, wrapping paper works just as well!

9. We all have that one coworker that loves being way too organized, and especially loves sticky notes. Surprise them in the morning by using as many stickies as you can and putting them all over EVERYTHING.

10. Last, but not least – the “upside down” trick. Go into work early and turn everything in your coworker’s desk area upside down. Go for the chair, desk items, hanging pictures or anything that can easily be flipped back over. Be careful to leave the technology devices alone so nothing gets broken and be mindful of their more precious items!

It’s all fun and games until we get pranked. So, if someone pulls a fast one over on you at work, keep some of these ideas in the back of your mind. If you want to be the first to strike, be my guest…but be warned that prank wars can be vicious! Have any ideas for office pranks that won’t get you fired? Feel free to share below: