Interviewing for a job can feel like you’re a guest on a late night talk show.
“Welcome to the stage, our job applicant!” [insert cheesy music]
You can feel the heat of the lights, the pressure of the moment grows and question after question keeps coming from your cheery host (and sometimes a panel of cohosts!)
“What have you been working on lately?”
“What are you most proud of?”
“What can we expect from you in the future?”
Don’t let the barrage of interview questions intimidate you; after all, you’re the star here! A great way to turn the tables on an interview is to ask some questions of your own. Here are some ideas of questions you can ask interviewers during a job interview that can help build confidence, showcase your skills and actively engage your potential employer:
“What have you enjoyed most about working here?”
If there’s hesitation to answer this question, alarm bells should start going off in your head! At the heart of this question is an extremely important factor in any job decision – company culture. Listen for clues about core values and purpose within the organization in the response, and make sure these ideas match with what you’re looking for. Finding a company that aligns with your highest regarded values can lead to a more positive work experience!
“How can I expect to interact with my manager/team here?”
Every team works differently, and every manager balances these styles differently. By digging a little deeper into your team’s structure, you can learn what to expect on a day to day basis. If a certain management style doesn’t vibe with you, or the team make-up is a concern, asking a question like this one can help you decide if these perspectives fit into your desired role.
“What is currently the top priority for this position?”
The hardest part of landing a job is day one! By checking in on the current top priorities for your position, team and company, you can get a better idea of what to expect when stepping foot into the office. A probing question like this one can also help you to better define the impact you expect to make as a new hire for your potential employer.
“Are there opportunities for furthering my education with your company?”
A passion for continued learning will not go unnoticed by an employer. If growing as a professional is important to your career path, be sure to inquire about available opportunities offered by the organization. This shows that not only are you looking to make an impact immediately, but you also hope to increase your value for the company in the future.
“What is the next step in this process?”
This might just be the most important question you ask all day! Leaving an interview session open-ended and ambiguous can be a disaster for a job applicant. If you’re applying for multiple positions at the same time, it can be easy to lose track and forget to follow up with an employer. Avoid seeming disinterested by asking for a reasonable time frame for the next steps in the process, and llock in a clearly defined time to follow up before ending your interview session.
Interviewing might feel like being put on the spot with thousands of eyes tuning in to what you have to say. It’s important to remember that you have just as much right to ask questions as your interviewer. Before your next meeting with an employer, prepare some solid questions and try hosting a bit yourself!
Do you have favorite questions to ask during an interview? Let’s discuss them below!