bad luck in job searchEvery Friday the 13th, we watch for any and every sign of bad luck – black cats, ladders, broken mirrors, to name a few. However, some job seekers may feel like bad luck has been following them through the dozens of applications without returned calls and interviews with no offers. This Friday the 13th, turn your job hunt luck around by following these tips:


We’ve all heard the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This might be an issue with your job search! If you’re only submitting your resume through job boards, and you’re not getting bites, it might be time to change it up! Try LinkedIn or activate your professional network. A simple change to your approach may be your key to good luck.

Reflect on the Jobs You’ve Applied for

What type of opportunities have you been applying to? Or have you simply been applying to everything that might remotely relate to you? Maybe the reason why you’re having bad luck is because you’ve been applying to jobs that don’t fit your skillsets or experience! Narrow your scope, so you’re focusing on the right positions and not wasting your time on the wrong ones.

Are You Prepared?

Many job seekers believe they can send a general resume, just “wing it” during interviews and still get a job. 99 times out of 100, this will not work. If you are forgetting to tailor your resume to the opportunity and then failing to research the company before your interview, you are most likely doing yourself a huge disservice. The job search takes effort, and giving it your all is a necessity these days with this competitive market.

Ask for Help

There is absolutely no shame in asking for help! Ask a trusted friend to read over your resume and cover letter. Practice interviewing with a mentor. Talk to your network to see if your professional connections know of any open positions. Also, reach out to a recruiter at a staffing company to find more opportunities. The job search is tough, and you cannot go through it alone.

Your bad luck doesn’t have to hang around after Friday the 13th! Remember this advice, and may you have the best of luck in finding your dream job!

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