Although not every employee is necessarily in a leadership position, it is vital to keep leadership skills sharp! Think of leaders who have made an impact in your life and the qualities they possess. How can you implement some of their ways into your daily routine to make your inner-leader shine?
Over the course of your career, it will be increasingly important to show colleagues that you have developed an effective leadership style. Here are a few things to remember when trying to boost your leadership skills:
Take Initiative
What does taking initiative mean, really? Think of it in terms of taking your job a step further and doing more than what is expected of you. Rather than sitting back and waiting for someone else to step up to the plate, take matters into your own hands! Putting yourself out there to take on new responsibilities outside of your typical work can set you apart. However, taking initiatives also means accepting full responsibility for the outcome of the job at-hand.
Maintain Composure
High pressure situations are bound to arise in any setting. Tight deadlines, unexpected projects or random mishaps can happen at any time. The ability to keep your composure at these times shows signs of confidence and can even keep others from panicking. Next time your team faces a stressful situation, don’t panic. Instead, continue on with a step-by-step action plan and lead your team to the desired outcome as best you can!
Discipline, Discipline, Discipline
Practicing discipline means being consistent with your behavior and execution. Competing priorities are often a burden of long work days, so reaching small team objectives consistently is crucial. Small disciplined steps, like arriving at work early and sticking to a detailed schedule for the day, can help give your leadership direction a solid base.
Be Optimistic
A negative mindset is the quickest way to put your team and yourself behind. Instead of dwelling on situations that go wrong, focus on the takeaways you can learn from the experience. After all, no one wants to be around a ‘Negative Nancy!’ Consider the countless stories of leaders who have faced disappointment and failure head-on, but maintained the positive mindset needed to push forward anyway. Here are just a few!
Contrary to popular belief, leaders aren’t born ready to be the impactful forces they will one day become. By taking small steps to define and repeat leadership progress, anyone can start on the path towards more effective leadership.
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