Is your current job heading down a path you’re not excited about? Didn’t get that promotion or pay raise you were counting on? Have there been leadership or overall organizational changes that have impacted your day-to-day work? If you are considering starting up your job search again, there are some things to keep in mind before you turn in your two weeks notice:

Determine Your Needs

First thing first – if you’re not happy with your current position, you need to figure out specifically what is making you unhappy and what another job should have that would make you happy. If you’re not sure what you want upon reentering the job market, your chances of finding that perfect job will be slim, so make sure you do some soul searching first.

Communication – Be Your Own Advocate

Before you put your resume online, you might find it valuable to talk to your supervisor. If you’re looking to broaden your responsibilities or find a challenge, share that with your boss. Not happy with your compensation? Start exploring if there is room for negotiation. A little communication could go a long way! You need to be your own advocate and see if there isn’t anything else you could do to help your current situation before you decide to jump ship.

Take a Look at Other Opportunities

Search to see if there are other opportunities for you in the job market. The last thing you want to do is quit and then find out there are no jobs currently open for your skillset, so make sure your bases are covered.

The decision to look for a new job should never be made lightly, but if you follow these tips, you can make certain that you’re helping yourself make the most informed choice possible.

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