It’s almost the luckiest holiday of the year – St. Patrick’s Day! As a job seeker, you’re probably hoping you feel the Irish luck this year whether you’re Irish or not. Yes, the job search has its ups and downs, and some luck can help bring it back up. But it’s important to remember that luck isn’t always by chance; most of the time, you have to set yourself up to be lucky. If your job search is feeling a little unlucky these days, you can help turn it around by following these tips:

Reach Out to Your Network

Engaging your professional network should be your first step, because you could be in luck! Someone might have a job lead! If there is not that perfect job lead right now, your network can give you valuable advice that will bolster your job hunt efforts.

Follow-Up on Applications

Following up on applications is another way to find some luck. Hiring managers receive hundreds of applications for a given position, and your application could have accidently been overlooked. You never know, that one call could help the hiring manager remember your name and put your resume on top of the pile!

Reenergize Social Media Efforts

As you may know, many job seekers are finding opportunities while using social media. You should breathe some life back into those accounts that you have not updated in a while, clean up your profiles and post industry-related information. You can further optimize your job search by joining industry networking groups on LinkedIn and following professional Twitter accounts. If done right, social media can put your name in front of hiring managers.

Volunteer or Take an Internship

If you volunteer your expertise or take on an internship, you will be able to broaden your network while gaining more relevant experience. The more professionals who can vouch for your work, the more connections you make to job leads. Furthermore, the more experience you have, the more appealing you will become to hiring managers. Volunteering or taking on an internship could be that extra push your search needs to find that lucky job lead.

As mentioned, luck doesn’t just happen; you have to set yourself up to be lucky – especially in the job search! Whether you’re Irish or not, put a little Irish luck back into your job hunt this St. Patrick’s Day!