In the spirit of giving thanks, we wanted to not only highlight what employees are thankful for in their jobs, but also what the employers, bosses, supervisors, etc. are most thankful for in their employees.  The life of a supervisor can get stressful and overwhelming at times, so when an employee comes along that helps make their lives a little easier, they will likely be very grateful.  These particular types of employees especially give employers something to be thankful for!

Self Starters

These employees are innovative, ambitious, and don’t need their hand held each hour between 9 and 5… and their employers are very thankful for this.  They don’t finish their designated task and then sit and watch the clock until it is time to go or until someone gives them more direction.  Self starters are constantly thinking outside of the box; after finishing an initiative, they already have another one in mind, which can be music to the ears of supervisors who might be wrapped up in their own initiatives as well.

Team Players

Another coveted employee by employers is that team player who truly aspires to better the organization and everyone in it.  Team players help ensure everyone gets their tasks done, even if they necessarily aren’t on their plate.  They have no problem giving up a lunch to help their cubical neighbors, and they are quick to offer tips and knowledge to new colleagues.  Employers appreciate this employee because he/she keeps the team productive, as well as increasing morale and camaraderie.


Bosses are very grateful when they find employees who they can truly trust.  This may mean that they can trust you to do high quality work, and they can trust you to stick to your deadlines.  Beyond just being dependable, being a trustworthy employee may also mean that you won’t divulge confidential information.  If an employer can trust you with big projects or be able to bounce confidential information off of you for ideas before it goes public, you have become a very important asset.


An engaged employee likely possesses a bit of all of the above, because they truly believe in the organization and what it stands for.  They want to see the organization succeed, and they want to help their boss as much as possible in seeing this goal through.  An employee may be thoroughly satisfied in their job, but being engaged is one step further.  It requires a distinct investment in personal and organizational achievement.  To find an employee so devoted to his/her company’s success is something most employers are infinitely thankful for.

Medix is grateful for all of its devoted team members!  Many thanks to all of those hardworking employees out there striving to better their own teams and organizations!