A resume is like a very particular recipe; there are several key ingredients that it wouldn’t be complete without, but if you add even a pinch of the wrong ingredient, it ends in disaster. (“Disaster” meaning you won’t be receiving a phone call from the hiring manager any time soon).  Once we get started listing our positions, defining our characterstics, and justifying our worth, it is easy to get carried away and start adding things that are unnecessary, or even worse, harmful to your job prospects.  Things like personal information, likes, dislikes, etc. really don’t prove why you are right for a job, and thus have no place on your resume.  Remember, resumes are typically only one page long; that means you need to boil your inclusions down to just the most necessary and most effective points that convey your competency to perform the job.
Before you finish typing out what model your car is or your favorite color, make sure to watch this video on what things it is better to leave off the resume.