social media for job seekersLinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora, Google+ – there is no shortage of social media networks out there! As a job seeker, you can use these abundant platforms to your advantage. Here’s how: 

Build Expertise 

Join your industry’s conversation online and establish your expertise! Find various groups or conversation threads to follow. By being an active member, you will be putting yourself in front of other industry professionals, as well as potentially learning a thing or two!

Grow Your Network

Using social media professionally often results in meeting other professionals within your industry. Cultivate these relationships to grow your network. You never know who knows whom and who can lead you to your dream job!

Connect with Potential Employers

The vast majority of organizations use social media, so take this as a two-fold opportunity. First, when you follow organizations you’re interested in, you gain insight into their culture. This will help you truly determine if you want to work there. Secondly, many of these organizations post open opportunities on their pages, so you might be one of the first to see that position that just opened up! 

Discover Different Opportunities 

As mentioned above, social media allows you to discover unique opportunities that might not be on the job boards yet. Research job searching tactics for each platform and navigate strategically to find these opportunities.

But First…

Before you do anything professionally on social media, make sure your profiles are clean of any inappropriate statuses, updates or pictures! If hiring managers see something controversial, they will probably toss your application.

Many use social media for enjoyment, but as a job seeker, it holds much more potential for you. Take advantage!

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