Sudden change to the Halloween dress code? Oh my! Whether it’s an update to a standing policy or a brand new initiative, poorly communicating with your team can cause uncertainty, discomfort and even a little fright! Follow these tips to help improve your communication:


The first step in the communication process should always be listening to your team. What are their thoughts and concerns? Simply listening to them will help you understand their needs and how to best address them.

Consider the Channel

Every team communicates differently. Some teams prefer a well-written email, while others prefer a conference call. Do you have a smaller, centrally located team? Consider holding a face-to-face meeting. Catering to your team’s preference will help you avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Be Approachable  

Make yourself available and approachable for questions or private conversations to discuss specific concerns. Some options include, creating an anonymous survey, accepting emails or setting up individual meetings as requested. If your teammates feel comfortable enough to talk to you, you can efficiently clear the air of misunderstandings that might be bothering your team.

This Halloween, scare your teammates with good, ol’ fashioned pranks, rather than with poor communication. Follow our tips, and always be on the lookout for ways to improve your team communication!