During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Medix joins individuals, organizations and communities across the country in helping those affected by cancer through support and education. This October, we’re checking in with Medix teammates to hear how breast cancer has affected their families, careers and communities.
Today, Kat shares how her mother’s cancer diagnosis changed everything in an instant, even though the challenges that followed would take years of support to overcome.

What’s your current role here at Medix?  

“I’m a recruiter in the our Allied Healthcare division, and I work out of the Medix Houston office!”

How has breast cancer affected your family?  

“My mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at 35; she had a rare form known as triple negative HER2 positive. She completed treatment, which included extensive chemotherapy, radiation, a lymphadenectomy and a mastectomy. It ended up being a five-year fight due to a MRSA staph infection and a stroke from complications, but this coming December she will be 12 years cancer free!”

What’s something most people might not know about the experience of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment? 

“One thing that I didn’t expect to happen after my mom’s diagnosis and treatment was the significant toll it took on her mental health, even years after being in remission. The physical changes she went through, the friends she made at her treatment center who lost their battles – it all affected her. The impact cancer had on mental health was not only limited to her, but also affected my dad, my siblings and I. The fear in the back of your mind that it could come back is always there.”

What lessons have you and your family taken from this experience? 

“I learned just how fragile life really is. Things can change in the blink of an eye and turn your entire world upside down without notice. Tell the people in your life what they mean to you and hold them close!”

What can people do during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to support those affected by cancer?  

Talk about it! Cancer can find its way into anyone’s life. In my mom’s case, she was diagnosed at 35 – ten years before her physicians recommended she start getting mammograms. Remind the people in your life to be cognizant and get checked out, even if they don’t meet the criteria for someone at risk of a cancer diagnosis.
During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and every month), remember to show some kindness and compassion. Unfortunately, too many lives are touched by cancer, and this time of year can be really hard!”
Thank you for sharing your family’s story, Kat!
This October, Medix asks you to join our team in supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a top rated organization providing critical funding for cancer research worldwide. Learn how you can support their cause here.