Flexibility is a “must-have” in the work place, as many jobs require you to wear different hats at some point during your career. Although some tasks may seem random, useless and annoying, sometimes they can be just as important as your day-to-day assignments. Here are some insights about approaching the next random task assigned by your boss:

Look at the Big Picture
Employers want employees who see the big picture and understand how they contribute to the team. Sometimes the big picture entails doing work outside of your job description. For example, if you’re an event manager running a company event, and the venue floor is a mess, you’re not just going to leave it. Even though you’re not a janitor, you’ll need to pitch in to make sure everything is picture perfect.

Discover New Opportunities
By helping out other departments, you may discover a new passion and opportunities within other areas of the company. There will be a chance to meet, work with and hopefully impress leaders in different departments. The more people who can vouch for your work ethic, the better! You could also develop secondary skills to enhance your work performance, as well. Just remember, there’s no one way to move up the ladder.

Learn About Your Company Inside Out
Doing tasks outside your job description is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how other departments and the company operate. Having a better understanding of your company’s values and vision will help you see the end goal and do your job more efficiently.

Your boss chose you for these tasks because he/she finds you trustworthy and knows you will follow through. So instead of moaning and groaning the next time your boss asks you to do something outside of your job description, just smile and accept these tasks as an opportunity to impress. Going above and beyond will help you get ahead in your career and keep your boss happy.