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Tips for Veterans Transitioning into the Workforce

For veterans, the experiences of their service last well beyond the training, missions and yearly recognition on Veterans Days there after. After all, once their time in the United States military comes to a close, they are called to serve in different ways – by their family, friends and communities. Upon returning to civilian life, […]

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continuous learning professional development

Continuous Learning for Professional Development

For so many years of our young lives, learning is an important part of our daily routines. As we rush from class to class, our education is often taken for granted, even maligned until graduation day. Then, something strange happens to many people when they start to work full-time; all of that learning simply stops! […]

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preparing for a career fair

Preparing for a Career Fair: 3 Tips from a Hiring Expert

After searching for a new job for a while, it can feel sort of like you’re performing a one-person show entitled, “The Story of My Career” for employers. You practice your lines, meticulously plan your costume (typically a suit) and prepare to hit the stage with confidence for every performance. If a job interview is […]

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job interview prep

The Comprehensive Job Interview Prep Plan Podcast

When you’re knee-deep in job applications, it might feel like just waiting to hear anything back from employers might be the hardest part of the whole process. Until, that is, you finally get your opportunity to come into an office for a job interview. Transforming words on a piece of paper into a compelling conversation […]

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