8 Ways to Thank Your Coworkers

You love your coworkers. Congratulations, you’ve hit the employment lottery!

Loving the men and women you work among is half the battle towards loving your job. Aside from being a friend, you can make a difference in a colleague’s day and performance with something as simple as a, “thank you for a job well done.” And who doesn’t want those we know and love to stick around for a few more work anniversaries, right? Use any of these eight easy ways to thank a coworker today:

Handwritten Note

It’s a classic and timeless way to express gratitude and appreciation for those around you. Keep a box of cards at your desk for a quick and convenient way to say, “thanks!” when the time comes.

Lend a Hand

Who doesn’t love a little unsolicited help from friends? Lending a helping hand is always a great way to support your coworkers and give back a little appreciation!

Bring in Snacks

If there is one thing companies and employees can’t pass up, it’s free food! Try out a new cookie recipe, and bring the results into the office for others to enjoy. Not a great baker? No worries! A thank you is a thank you, whether the snacks are store bought or homemade.

Tell The Boss

Sometimes a simple thank you to your colleague just won’t suffice. Share your gratitude with that person’s boss for an extra touch on the typical thanks.

Treat Them to Lunch

Like I said, everyone loves a little food. Take your coworker to his or her favorite restaurant and be sure to pick up the tab!

Endorse/Recommend on LinkedIn

Writing a recommendation and/or endorsing a colleague on LinkedIn is a little thing that can go a long way. Not only do you  show your appreciation, but potential clients, coworkers and companies will see what an awesome employee he or she is!

Buy a Cup of Coffee

Everyone needs a little extra pick-me-up in the form of a hot (or iced!) brew every now and then. If you’re already in line at Starbucks, pick up an extra coffee for your coworker who helped you out in a pinch. The thoughtfulness will not go unnoticed and the added boost can kick-start his/her workday!

Compliment Them Publicly

Use your next all-team meeting to recognize your coworker publicly for going above and beyond for you. However, be aware if your coworker doesn’t like public recognition. For those who prefer not to be in the limelight, feel free to follow any of the other seven tips above!

Have other ideas, big or small, on how to thank your coworkers? Share your tips and ideas below!

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