How did YOUR Company Celebrate the “Season of Giving”?

The holiday season is about more than just candy canes and mistletoe.  It’s not about just building gingerbread houses, but perhaps helping build a REAL house for a family in need.  It’s not just about giving presents to loved ones but giving time to good causes.  The holiday season is quite frequently synonymous with the season of giving, the season of philanthropy, the season of goodwill, and all things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  With the holiday season in our rearview window as we head into the new year, we can reflect on how our own companies accepted the opportunity and challenge to “do good” this season.

See below for ways that Medix did its part to give back this past holiday season.  What are some things you or your company did? Share your stories!

Our Medix Minneapolis office finishing up at the Salvation Army
after serving dinner to 80 bell ringers

Medix KS adopts a family to provide with a holiday meal and gifts!
Gifts for Medix’s adopted family

Medix Dallas volunteering at a local rehabilitation center
Looks like this Medix helper could use a helping hand himself!
Gathering canned food!

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