How to Demonstrate Leadership Even if You’re Not Yet a Leader

Many of us look at our jobs as more than just a job; we see them as career paths. If you in an entry-level job and hope to become a leader in your organization one day, you need to demonstrate leadership traits today. Follow these tips to show your bosses you have the “right stuff” to become a leader within your company:

Take Initiative

A big component of leadership is taking initiative. Your bosses earned their success by working hard and seizing opportunities to learn and grow in their careers. Volunteer for an extra project or help out one of your coworkers with that big report. Your boss will surely notice your drive and the extra steps you have taken for your career and for the team’s success.

Be Respectful of Others

Many good leaders stand out because they know how to work well with others. Demonstrate this trait by being respectful to your teammates – do not participate in office gossip, be honest and listen to them. Leaders need to be able to resolve conflict, not feed into it.

Accept Feedback

Don’t look at feedback as negative and scary; it helps us learn and grow. Accept feedback gracefully to show your boss you want to do your job well and contribute to your team to the best of your ability. If you are doing something wrong, your boss needs to be able to tell you and know that you will take it well, as your boss goes through the same thing with his/her own boss.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

You don’t need to steal credit from your other teammates to shine in your boss’s eyes. In fact, it will make you shine in a bad way. When your boss asks you about a project, give credit to those responsible and be sure to give yourself adequate credit for your role, too. This will show your boss you’re fair and a team player – both important characteristics of a leader.

Becoming a leader just doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time. You have to earn that role, and it may seem difficult in an entry-level position, but follow these tips to help demonstrate important leadership traits and prove you have what it takes.


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