Tips to Help Integrate New Members into Your Team

With the economy finally in an upswing, many teams are expanding as workloads begin to grow again. Leaders have an important role in helping the team gel, so as new people come aboard, there are things you can do to help them integrate and become a true member of your team:

Introduce Everyone

Simply introducing everyone and their roles within the team is a great way to begin integrating a new teammate. One of the most intimidating parts of a new job is not being sure who to go to for what, so giving your new teammate that information up front will make him/her feel more comfortable.

Communicate Expectations

Clearly communicating expectations will help your new teammate acclimate, because it will give him/her the confidence of “being in the know.” Sit your new teammate down and explain policies and day-to-day life. Afterward, maintain open communication about expectations and continue to guide your new teammate as he/she navigates through the first couple months.

Share Values and Culture

Another big hurdle your new teammate faces is learning the culture. You can help out by clearly communicating values. Does your team live and work by a strong set of values? Do you have a philanthropy you’re all really passionate about? What about that weekly team tradition and casual Fridays? Talk about it!

Bring Team Together

Whether it be a group lunch or happy hour, bring the team together outside of the office. People tend to let their guard down and personalities shine in a less formal environment, helping them build a bond.

It’s always exciting to watch your team grow and evolve. When new people join, you can help them integrate and your team thrive by following our advice!

3 thoughts on “Tips to Help Integrate New Members into Your Team

  1. I found that group meetings are essential to making sure everyone gets the same information with understanding. Pizza was my ice breaker for introducing new staff. It was something everyone enjoyed – a full stomach will relax anybody. If you show that you can take time to make the way easy for people they will be more willing to help you with what you need, come to you before the worse can be expected as well as be reliable in a time of crisis. Support means everything to any business no matter which direction it comes from.

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