Working Out and Moving Up: Fitness Incentives for Employees

It’s no secret that happier employees tend to be more productive employees, so more and more companies are jumping on the “employee survey” bandwagon to try and find the pulse of what their workers REALLY want and what will make them truly happy.  Some want flexible work hours.  Some want better benefits.  Of course, some want more Benjamins making their way to their bank accounts.  However, while some people want a fatter paycheck, the general consensus seems to be that they do NOT want a fatter waste line.  Fitness incentives seem to growing in popularity on employees’ lists of “desirables” from their employer.  And with all of the articles that have come out linking improved health with lower spend on employee benefits for employers, at least considering some sort of fitness and wellness incentive or initiative is something more and more companies are getting on board with.

Here at Medix, we launched our fitness initiative at the beginning of 2012, and have seen very positive results ever since.  After finding out that wellness was a concern and priority for many employees, Medix made it a priority for the company.  From gym reimbursements, to healthy snacks, to flex time for fitness, the initiative not only promotes individual healthy lifestyles, but it has spurred enhanced camaraderie and teamwork, as our employees have joined together to show just what office is the most committed to getting fit.  Our employees have joined together to promote wellness, and have participated in some pretty great philanthropy events along the way.

Here are some pictures below of our offices embracing our fitness initiative.  Does your company have any fitness initiatives?  Do you plan on implementing any in the future?

Our Lombard team at X-Treme Trampoline

Starting the day off right with healthy snacks in our Orange office!  No donuts allowed!
Medix Minneapolis at the Lucky Half Marathon
Medix Scottsdale climbing Camelback Mountain
Medix Minneapolis at the Climb for Air to help the fight against lung cancer
Medix Orange hitting the slopes (sure doesn’t look like Orange County!)

Medix Pittsburgh participating in a Muscular Dystrophy Walk


One thought on “Working Out and Moving Up: Fitness Incentives for Employees

  1. The team is really loving this benefit! Medix is always looking for ways to attract and keep talent…what a great benefit!

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