Diversity, Inclusion &

The only way to live up to our core value of positively impacting lives is to embody that promise in our dedication to inclusion, equal opportunity and diversity.

Committed to diversity, inclusion and leadership

As workforce and talent experts, we know that businesses thrive when employees are respected, empowered and given opportunities to grow.

Truly embracing our core purpose to positively impact lives also means fully committing to inclusion, equal opportunity and diversity in our workplaces.

We strive to be a diverse and welcoming workplace where everyone can achieve their best because they are respected and supported.

Our equal opportunity commitment

Ensuring equal opportunities requires focus, resources and dedication. We’re all-in.

Medix is a company committed to equal opportunity in employment regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, religion or physical or mental disability.

Medix strives to build teams of diverse employees across our workplaces and for our clients, ensuring that opportunities are available to all.

Women in Leadership Committee

We created the Medix Women in Leadership Committee to empower women in our organization – those who lead and those want to advance into leadership.

The Committee provides members with opportunities to develop leadership skills, network, and be a part of a supported community. Created to raise the visibility of high-performing women leaders in our organization, the Committee has a four-part mission.

To Develop

Helping members grow through learning and development opportunities.

To Motivate

Unleashing inspiration and enthusiasm through mentorship and sponsorship.

To Empower

Amplifying the voice of members through their own talents, insights, experiences and strengths.

To Progress

Increasing the opportunities inside the organization for high-performing members to advance.

“Medix’s commitment to diversity and inclusion turned into action with the launch of its Women in Leadership committee and D&I council. It’s been amazing to be a part of the work and watch these initiatives grow. We are dedicated to making Medix a great place to work for women by creating networking opportunities, training, leadership development, and helping support our community. I’m excited to continue to make diversity, equality and inclusion a part of everything we do. “

Gabriela Yarish. Medix Director of Recruitment Operations