If the thought of sitting face-to-face with the person who will potentially determine your professional fate while they fire countless questions at you makes you just a tad nervous, you are definitely not alone. Interviews can be an extremely stressful experience. Luckily, there is a little prep work you can do to help curb that interview anxiety!

Get to know the company, and get to know yourself.

Knowledge creates comfort, so the more information you arm yourself with prior to an interview, the steadier your anxiety levels will remain. Review the company’s website, social media and any other public profiles to get a better sense of who they are and what they might be looking for in a candidate. Also, make sure you really take a good look at yourself. The more you start to pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses and passions, the more confident you will be going into an interview.

Practice makes perfect.

Inadequate preparation for anything can make a person nervous, and an interview is no exception. Practice answering potential interview questions with a buddy before your big day. Make sure to not just cover general interview questions, but think about the specific company and position and identify examples of questions they might ask you related to the specifics of the job. You don’t want to “rehearse” so that your answers are memorized or canned, but simply get comfortable answering these types of questions so you have talking points ready. This will give you content to draw from if stress makes you freeze up in your interview.

Look the part.

Make sure to look and act the part for your interview; doing so will inherently make you more confident as the ideal candidate for the position and help ease pre-interview jitters. It is important to dress professionally and make sure your attire is the right fit, clean, without wrinkles, etc. Dressing like a professional will make you feel like a professional, and thus it will give you a confidence boost to power through anxiety.

Be cognizant of nervous tendencies.

Even with all of the preparation in the world, we still can fall victim to involuntary nervous tendencies. Make sure to identify these before your interview so you can keep them in check. These tendencies include twirling your hair, tapping your pen, bouncing your leg, biting your lip and the like. The more aware you make yourself of these actions prior to the interview, the quicker you will realize what you are doing during the interview and can try your best to curb it.

Like we said, we know interviews can be tough and set our nerves on end, but by following these tips, you will set the foundation for interview success!

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