Ditch Those Motivational Posters and Really Inspire Your Team!

How do you keep your employees inspired? Distractions such as family and life in general may be taking their toll on employees’ motivation at work. Yes, raises and bonuses might help, but in this economy, it’s not always an option. Consider these ideas for motivating your team without breaking the bank:

Add a Little Fun into Your Initiatives
Try adding a little bit of fun into work on a regular basis. Regardless how small the “fun factor” is, your employees will recognize and appreciate it. Adding the fun element will not only help your employees bond with each other, it will help them feel more positively about the company. To start, Casual Fridays are typically a big hit! Friendly competition within division or offices to achieve goals during quarterly initiatives is another great way to bring your team together.

Practice Good Communication
Communicating company happenings sounds simple enough, but many organizations fail to keep their employees current. Communication will help keep your employees engaged and help them feel ownership towards the company. Try setting up a corporate communication calendar to send regular updates to your team. Corporate social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are a great way to give company updates, as well.

Encourage Teambuilding Activities
Employees with close relationships with their coworkers are more likely to stay motivated and remain loyal to the organization. Team building activities can range from something as simple as bowling after work, to something intricate like team work obstacle courses.  

Thank Them for Their Hard Work
Sometimes all your team needs is a good, heartfelt thank you to spark motivation, and nothing says “thank you” quite like a thoughtful, handwritten note. Take some time to individually thank your teammates, and it will inspire them to keep up their good work.

It’s cheaper and easier than you think to motivate your team. So ditch the cheesy motivational posters, and truly inspire your team!

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