As a December grad, you’ve studied hard, survived finals and (hopefully) aced all your classes. Now, it’s time to be set free into the “real world.” You have the skills to successfully launch your career, but have you invested in everything you need?

You’re in luck! We’ve created a list of first job essentials that will prepare you for to give a great first impression, make you feel comfortable in your space and we even threw in some extra goodies for fun!

Professional Attire

“Work only” shoes: Investing in a few pairs of nicer shoes (dress shoes for men and heels for women) will go a long way in the office. They’re the perfect touch to pulling together a fresh and professional outfit.

Snazzy coat: Warm or cold climate, you should consider purchasing a nice jacket! During colder weather, it’ll make you look sharp walking to and from work, and at functions outside of work (i.e. networking events).

Professional pants: They can be pricey, but a nice pair of professional pants in a neutral color is an adulthood “must.” Pair them with a button down, blouse or sweater, and you’ll give off the perfect professional vibe.

Desk Supplies

Planner: Jumping into a new role can get busy real quick. Find a slick or fun-patterned planner to help maintain your schedule.

Water bottle: Hydration is key, especially when you’re drinking multiple cups of coffee a day! Be earth-friendly by investing in a reusable water bottle that can stay at your desk.

Supply holder: Organize all of your pens, highlighters, scissors, etc. in a nice-looking supply holder. When you, or a colleague need something on the fly, you can grab it quickly!

Notebook: Even though we’ve entered the “digital age,” you’ll still need to take notes with a pen and paper, especially in meetings. Show you’re a professional millennial by finding a suitable notebook.

Commute Essentials

Nice bag or backpack: You’ll carry things to and from work everyday. Picking out the perfect bag will help your commute tremendously. An extra tip: pay attention to pockets, because the more conveniently you can grab your phone, train pass or parking pass, the better!

Headphones: Whether you enjoy podcasts, music or chatting with friends during a commute, comfortable headphones are an essential!

Shoes: Comfort is the key to commuting! Depending on the season and weather, it’s always a good idea to have an extra comfy pair shoes to wear to and from work. Not only will it help your nice shoes to last longer, but you get the added bonus of traveling in relaxed style.

Umbrella: Walking around in the rain is no fun, and working all day with wet clothes is even worse. To avoid getting soaked by a storm on your commute, keep an umbrella in your bag at all times!  

Hand sanitizer: Commuting can be germy! Keep a mini hand sanitizer in your bag at all times to prevent getting yourself and your whole team sick.

Fun “Extras”

Lunch bag: Buying lunch every day is yummy, but it can add up! Motivate yourself to bring your own food by investing in a fun lunch bag that you’ll want to carry to work every day.

Mug: Finding one travel mug and one “stay at work mug” will prevent you from buying coffee every day! I have one of each for work, and they’re lifesavers when I need some extra caffeine.

Phone charger: Keep your phone full of juice by keeping an extra phone charger in the office. You’ll never know when you or a coworker might need it!

Desk plant: Oh, the many benefits of desk plants! Not only will a little green friend help productivity, it’ll also teach you how to keep a something alive. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for a dog (just ask your HR team before bringing one to the office)!

Thank you cards: Having thank you cards on hand will come in handy a lot. Who doesn’t love snail mail?! Sending a personal note to someone who helped you as a new employee will build key relationships.

Starting a new job can be overwhelming as it is, let alone knowing exactly what you’ll need to make your day run smoothly. By investing in some of the items on our “first job essentials” list, you’ll be even more prepared than you thought! If you have a workplace essential that we missed, feel free to share in the comment section below!