When you have an office full of different personalities who are together eight hours a day, five days a week, it’s easy to assume that not everybody will get along all the time. If you have a teammate who can be difficult to work with in general, then it’s even harder to keep the peace. Here are some tips for getting along with a difficult teammate:

Take a Step Back

Taking a step back from the situation will give you more perspective on the issue. Maybe your difficult teammate is going through a tough time? Maybe the situation is not bad as you thought, and stress from work is just magnifying it? Either way, once you gain more perspective on the issue, you might have an opportunity to let it go.

Avoid the Gossip

If a coworker is frustrating you, it’s easy to want to vent to your office buddy. Venting can be a simple way to let it all out and relieve some stress. However, don’t fall down the slippery slope into office gossip. Office gossip is unprofessional behavior that can create more animosity in a situation, because it always gets back to the gossip-ee.

Talk to Him/Her in Private

If the issue continues, it’s appropriate to privately pull that coworker aside to address it. If you are somebody who is uncomfortable with confrontation, remember if you go about it the right way, you have a good shot to resolve. Be careful as to not take a too confrontational stance, as it may put your teammate on the defense and escalate the situation.

Talk to Your Boss

Worse comes to worse, you can always talk to your boss to work something out. Whether it’s a sit-down conversation with your boss, coworker and you or a solution allowing you to work less with that person, there is a win-win resolution out there that your boss can help you reach.

Different personalities clash, and at some point, we’ve all had to deal with a teammate we don’t get along with. If you follow our tips and use your best judgment, you will have a better chance to peacefully and professionally resolve conflicts.

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