interview attire

Many things go into a great first impression, and your wardrobe certainly plays a large part! According to Forbes, you have seven seconds to nail your first impression, so what will your interview outfit say about you? Here are some tips to help ensure it says only positive things about your professionalism:

Never Underestimate the Power of a Suit

A suit is great addition to a job seeker’s wardrobe, and wearing one to an interview will show your employer that you are a true professional who takes the opportunity seriously. Consider choosing black, navy or dark gray, as these are standard colors for such occasions. 

Be Conservative 

You want to dress conservatively, as your experience and conversation should be the memorable part of the interview, not what you wore. First, don’t overpower the room with too much cologne or perfume. Men, don’t wear flashy cufflinks, ties with distracting patterns or colors, a loud watch or jewelry. Ladies, avoid very tall heels, costume jewelry and heavy makeup. Distracting accessories can even impact how the hiring manager perceives your professionalism, so just remember to turn it down.

Think Well-Groomed

Keep your hair trimmed and styled neatly. Men, don’t use too much gel for an over-spiked coiffure, and ladies, leave the distracting hair accessories at home. Also, make sure your nails clean and trimmed – after all, the first thing you do when you meet your interviewer is shake his/her hand. 

Lint Roll and Iron

You have nice business clothes, but if they’re always linty and wrinkled, what’s the point? If you look sloppy, your interviewer will notice, so run a lint roller and iron over your clothes to get that clean, crisp look.

Your appearance says a lot about who you are as a professional, so remember this advice when you’re getting ready for your next interview.

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