Who said Halloween fun was just for kids!? According to the L.A. Times, more than half of Americans are planning on participating in Halloween festivities at work. Out of those people, 1 in 10 workers will dress up. If you’re one of those people carefully painting your face this morning, make sure you’ve cleared a few things before you bring your Halloween spirit to work:

Does HR Approve?

Does your company’s dress code allow vampire teeth, superhero capes and pirate hats? You better make sure! If your company is on the business professional end of the office attire spectrum, dressing up might not be encouraged.

Make Sure Others Will be Decked Out, Too.

Before you cake on the zombie makeup or pouf your Jersey Shore wig, make sure you’re not the only person dressing up. Nobody wants to be the lone werewolf!

Keep it G-Rated!

If your company allows you to dress up, remember, you still have to be work appropriate!  Save the eyebrow-raising costumes for weekend parties with friends.

After you’ve cleared all of these hurdles, let the festivities begin! Just beware of the afternoon sugar crash after consuming copious amounts of candy! Happy Halloween, everyone!