begin job searchingWhen you begin something as involved as the job search, you want to make sure you start off on the right foot. We gathered these simple tips to help you start the job search successfully:
Know What You Want
First, you must know what YOU want. Picture your dream opportunity. No, this doesn’t just mean the work you want to do. This also means considering the type of company, an office setting, a work culture and compensation. Having these expectations will help you zone in on good opportunities and pass by not-so-good opportunities. 
Think about Strategy
The job search requires strategy. You can’t spend all day, every day on the job boards. It takes more than that. Think of different channels, such as your network or social media, and plan how you will devote your time.
Get Organized
Job seekers underestimate organization. Think about it; you will be spending a large amount of time applying to multiple positions and talking to many people. How will you keep everything straight? Our advice is to create a spreadsheet to track the jobs you’ve applied to, when, who you talked to and where you are in the interview process. This can help you avoid potentially awkward mix-ups.
Talk to Your Network
As you begin your job search, reach out to your network to let them know you’re looking for a new opportunity. They could not only give you valuable advice, but also share opportunities they know of that might not be public yet, giving you a great shot of getting your foot in the door.
Meet with Your Mentor
You should also meet with your professional mentor. Have him/her review your resume and cover letter, discuss strategy and think about different ways you can make yourself stand out. Mentors are invaluable at every step of your career, but they can be a huge asset when you begin your job search.
Research, Research, Research
To supplement your conversations with your network and mentor, do your own research. Look up the companies you’re interested in, research things like salaries within your field, read about industry-specific expectations from employers and check out blogs/various articles for tips. Knowledge is power for job seekers!
For many, the job search is a long process, so keep this advice in mind, and you can be sure you’re starting your job search successfully.
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