There are many necessary ingredients for a prosperous and efficacious business.  As a business owner or manager, you are probably (or should be) well aware of the key ingredient of employee engagement.  According to Wikipedia/ Scarlett Surveys, employee engagement is defined as the “measurable degree of an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization which profoundly influences their willingness to learn and perform at work.”  Not to be confused with employee satisfaction, employee engagement is the level of commitment and involvement individuals have towards their particular position, department, company, etc.

Obviously, it doesn’t take a PhD in business to discern that high levels of employee engagement will render much more productivity and much more success for the entire organization.   If you have a cohesive unit of employees excited to come to work and perform to the best of their abilities to better a company they feel loyalty toward, your bottom line will undoubtedly see excellent results.

Of course, it is natural that not every single individual will be highly engaged in your company.  However, your goal should be to improve employee engagement as much as possible.  This has become a primary priority for us here at Medix.  We are constantly trying new ways to gauge the pulse of our organization and see what our employees value the most so we can increase employee engagement.  Below is a video from the Employee Engagement Group on the “Ten Steps of Engagement” with great information on WHY you should care about Employee Engagement, and HOW you can start getting your employees engaged today!